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The Wabash Conservative Union welcomes Anne Korin to campus to speak on the topic of  ”Oil, National Security, and What We Can Do About It.”

Ms. Korin is the author of Turning Oil into Salt: Energy Independence through Fuel Choice and is the chair of the Set America Free Coalition. She is also the Co-Director of the Institute for the Analysis of Global Security, and an advisor to the United States Energy Security Council. Ms. Korin holds an engineering degree in computer science from John Hopkins University, and is working toward her doctorate at Stanford University

This event will be held April 16th in Baxter Hall 101 at Wabash College at 8pm.  A reception will follow.

To ensure the most effective 5 year celebration in the midst of Andrew Breitbart’s passing, the Wabash Conservative Union staff, leadership, and board made the decision to move Growing to Last to Fall 2012.  The event will be held at Wabash College, and will feature a new speaker that carries on Andrew Breitbart’s legacy, and that of the Wabash Conservative Union.

Please check back for updates as they develop.

The Wabash Conservative Union was utterly saddened of the recent passing of Andrew Breitbart.  Mr. Breitbart was a true patriot for his country, and we all should follow his example of not being afraid to speak the inconvenient truths.  Mr. Breitbart was set to speak at Wabash College on April 21.  Updates are forthcoming regarding the event.

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The Wabash Conservative Union will celebrate 5 years at Wabash College on Saturday April 21, at 7pm.  We hope to see you there to learn more about how WCU has become a permanent voice at Wabash College.  But, we’re only beginning the growth.  WCU is branching into new realms of conservatism at Wabash College!  The keynote speaker will be Andrew Breitbart of Breitbart.TV,, frequent cable news contributor, and author of Righteous Indignation: Excuse Me While I Save the World!.  For more information regarding tickets and table sponsorships, please visit

The issues of The Phoenix from this last semester are now online!

sept2011First, in our September issue, we welcome the Class of 2015 to Wabash College. As the freshmen are no doubt are realizing, the rhetoric of admissions and orientation has given way to the dull task of work and thought. In this issue several upperclassmen give their insight into how to make your Wabash experience a good one.  Jeremy Wentzel ‘14 gives advice on how to spend your free time in Crawfordsville.  Matt Michaloski ‘14 encourages campus involvement through the Alpha Phi Omega service fraternity.  And, on a more philosophical note, Bob Cassady ‘12 admonishes against the fake virtue of niceness.

We also have some of our new brethren joining us as contributors.  Isaac Taylor ‘15 discusses the Federal Reserve, while Zachary Crozier ‘15 talks about the U.S. credit rating.  Rounding out the issue, Micah Chowning ‘14 reflects on 9/11 and Zachary Rohrbach ‘12 provides a recap for the recent economics debate on campus between Dr. Webb and Dr. Rocha.

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December-2011Next, in our December issue, we raise questions concerning the current push for the college to add a gender studies requirement.  Zachary Churney ‘14 summarizes the campus dialogue on the issue, and Matt Michaloski ‘14 and Ronald Allman ‘14 interview Dr. David Kubiak on the issue.  Robby Dixon ‘13 and Jeremy Wentzel ‘14 also provide their both of their takes.

Also in this issue, Zachary Churney ‘14 interviews Dr. Hollander on the European Union and its economic state.  Jeremy Wentzel ‘14 recounts what it means to truly be a “Wabash Man” according to Greg Castanias ’87, and Will Folsom ‘15 and Seton Goddard ‘15 reflect on Homecoming 2011.  We also discuss the 2012 presidential race, Thanksgiving, and patriotism.  Finally, we are are privileged to be joined by Dr. Alexandra Hoerl, professor of political science, who gives a primer on republican theory.

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