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Zachary Rohrbach '12

Zachary Rohrbach

Zachary a senior Physics major from Indianapolis. Aside from the Wabash Conservative Union, he is active with the Wabash Newman Center and Society of Physics Students. He plays piano and organ as a hobby. He enjoys camping, hiking, canoeing, and other outdoor activities.

Posts by Zachary Rohrbach '12:

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Taming the Wabash Monster: The Tale of a Pipe Organ, Aug 23 2010 in August 2010

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An Appeal to Future Fathers: How Hollywood is destroying the family, Mar 02 2010 in February 2010

Science and the Liberal Arts, Oct 28 2009 in October 2009

Living Tradition: Father Patrick Henry Reardon on Culture, Sep 15 2009 in February 2009

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